Monday, September 25, 2017

Cerita Tentang Rezeki

Growing up, I was never the brightest or the most successful child… well, in terms of academically. Compared to my sisters, I never went to boarding school, didn’t get straight As during exam or even good grades during my Uni years (haha)… both of my big sisters graduated with a Master and Phd and they are now secure with a good career… even the little sister is currently doing her Masters.

Honestly, I admit, I did feel down sometimes when I think about it. So, usually I don’t want to think about it. But when I do, I remind myself that Allah has better plan for me. Be patient. I know that I’d tried my best to be the child that my parents proud of… or even for me to be proud of myself. But come to think about it, my rizq is actually in another form.

Among my siblings, I am the one who is always around and near to my parents. 

When I was in primary school, ibu was admitted to the hospital for an operation. I can’t remember clearly why she was admitted, something happened to her eyes... but I did remember that I had to cook meals for ayah and my little brother and sister because my big sisters were in boarding school and college.

After my parents came back from hajj, ibu had high fever. I still can’t forget when ibu asked ayah to buy her bubur McD, instead ayah bought a packet of instant bubur Maggi. It’s funny when I think about it now. Hahahaha. 

Ibu asked ayah, “mana bubur?”
“Nadhira tengah masak”, ayah said.
“Hah? Masak apa?”

“Bubur maggi la…”

“Ibu kata bubur mcd la… mcdonald…”
Hahahaha… pity ibu. Ibu already hungry, had to wait some more.

There was one time when ibu accidentally fell down the stairs and broke her foot.
Again ibu was hospitalised and underwent operation. And when she came home, she can’t walk properly. Sebab tulang yang patah tu need some time untuk bersambung semula. Kalau salah langkah, takut misaligned.
At that time, luckily I just lived downstairs. Every day after I came back from work, I will spend some time at my parents’ house. 
(Now I still live nearby… same apartment area, but different block. Haha.)


Actually ibu had been through a couple of operations back then. Sampai satu hari masa jaga ibu, I said to myself. "InsyaAllah, selagi Nad mampu Nad akan jaga ibu..."

I guess that is one of the dua that Allah has granted.


So, whenever you feel that life doesn't go your way... just sit back for a moment and reflect. Rizq can be in any form. It's not always about making lots of money. The time that you spend with your loved ones, your health, having a peaceful life is also a rizq that we take for granted.

That's it for today. Till then.
Assalamualaikum. :)


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